National Cancer Institute


A comprehensive website that provides current information about different types of cancer, treatments, side effects, resources, and research. There is also an option for a “live chat” with someone on the website to answer questions.

800-4-CANCER (800-422-6237) 

American Institute for Cancer Research


A website full of resources and information to help before, during, and after cancer treatment. There is information about cancer prevention as well as how to live a healthy life after having cancer. They list questions to ask your doctor, definitions of common terms, and what side-effects to expect from the different forms of treatment. AICR offers free instant downloads of educational materials, an entire section of healthy recipes, and access to a program called the iThrive Plan, which gives personalized direction for healthy living in all aspects of life.


CancerCare, Inc.


A website that provides resources for patients and survivors, caregivers and loved ones, and health care professionals. They offer information about counseling, support groups, education, and financial assistance. They also have sections on the site with hopeful stories, free booklets and fact sheets, and a list of podcasts.

800-813-HOPE (800-813-4673) 

Living Beyond Breast Cancer


A website with a phenomenal amount of resources. Their information is available in person, online, by phone, or in print. They provide news and education, a list of current programs and events—including webinars, a breast cancer helpline, and a blog that Healthline has rated one of the best breast cancer blogs for the last five years in a row. Under their support tab is a list of 28 additional resources with phone numbers and links to their websites.

(855) 807-6386 

Breast Advocate App


A website that reports breaking news, real-life stories, and information about the app, which is free and available for Apple and Android. Breast Advocate also has a Facebook page and a presence on Twitter. The primary function of the app is to help a patient navigate through treatment and care options with personalized recommendations and information based on the diagnosis of the patient and where she is in the process. 

National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP)


This is the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) program that provides breast and cervical cancer screenings and diagnostic services to low-income, uninsured, and underinsured women across the country.

800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636) 

The Pink Fund


A website run by a group whose passion is to help support women in treatment financially so that they can focus on their health and their family. They accept applications for 90-day non-medical cost-of-living financial support for women in active treatment for breast cancer.

877-234-PINK (877-234-7465) 

Deb Haggerty's Positive Hope

A website for women with breast cancer and their loved ones. It is loaded with web resources, a list of printed books and magazines on the topic of breast cancer, links to electronic newsletters from reputable organizations, and a special page that lists resources for children whose parents have cancer. Deb shares her personal story about having had breast cancer. It is a tale seasoned with humor about her many trials and triumphs.